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Elementary School Counselor's Website

Mrs. Amanda Kirkendoll
 Elementary Counselor

P.O. Box 168
New London, TX  75684
903-392-7850 Ext. 5104 Int.
903-392-7850 Ext. 4201 Prim.

What are School Counselors?

                        School Counselors are a type of helper in your school.
                        We help kids with things like problem solving, understanding feelings, and making                                     friends! 

 What do School Counselors do?
                School Counselors...

 Who are School Counselors for?

            Your School Counselors are here for EVERYONE!
            I am here for every student, every teacher, and every parent who is part of the West               Rusk CCISD community.

Why would I want to visit a school counselor?

Here are some reasons a student might want to talk to the School Counselor:
Here are some reasons parents might want to talk to the School Counselor:

(ideas for parents to consider)


Here are some reasons teachers or administrators might want to talk to the School Counselor:

Although we attempt to keep links content-appropriate, the dynamic nature of web browsing may lead students to inappropriate sites. For this reason, student use of the Internet should always be supervised by parents or teachers.


Click on the book t read about Hilburt the Halibut.  
Hilburt is feeling a little flat. No one wants to be his friend. Help him learn that everyone's not so shallow.

                    Click on the book to read about how to deal with the lose of a pet. How Do We Say Goodbye? written by Junior, Sugar, and Tiger Olinger and typed by Phyllis Olinger.